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THIS MAGAZINE IS PRODUCED BY: ALL SMILES CREATIVE Publisher FOR OPTIMUM HEALTH, MAINTAIN A HEALTHY PERSPECTIVE With the explosion of social media and so many of us stuck in that familiar posture with the neck bent down, head stuck to a screen and our digits constantly scrolling, tapping and swiping, it's no wonder we may occasionally lose our perspective and sometimes even, our grip on reality! The thing to remember when you're eyeballing all those posts is that what you're seeing is not necessarily real. For example, those online 'friends' are not necessarily your real friends; the online lives that are on full display, are not always accurate reflections of people's actual lives. What you see when you're trawling through social media pages is what people want you to see – not necessarily what is real. And it pays to remember that if your social media experiences are leaving you feeling less than excited about your own life, then it might be time to shut it down and take a social media detox for a while. While social media has contributed a great many things to our modern society, it has also simultaneously created quite a few problems as well. For optimum health we need to maintain our perspective and that means focusing on what matters most – which is real life. Do you agree? I'd love to hear your thoughts so drop me a line at havingfun@ohmagazine.com.au ANALEE MATTHEWS Publisher & Editor 2 AUGUST 2016 (OH! MAGAZINE) ANALEE MATTHEWS The Word Nerd Web: www.ohmagazine.com.au Email: havingfun@ohmagazine.com.au Ph: +61 411 314 503 JACK LEE, JLee Design Creative Director Web: www.jleedesign.com.au Ph: +61 466 426 649 TONI KRASICKI Eagle Eyes Email: tonikrasicki@outlook.com OUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE EXPERT AUTHORS See page 5 This magazine is supported by Before trying any new exercise, nutrition or health regimes you should consult an appropriate health or fitness professional for clearance. The information in this publication is not a substitute for advice or consultation with any health, medical or fitness professional. The health and fitness industries often provide conflicting – sometimes even contradictory – information; as the reader it is your responsibility to safely determine what does or does not work for you. All prices stated are the recommended retail prices in Australian currency and may be subject to change. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, all parties associated with the production and publishing of this magazine accept no responsibility for the correctness of any facts and the copyright responsibility of all articles lies with individual contributors. Opinions expressed by the authors in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of other authors, the publisher or any of its production or publishing team. No material in this magazine may be reproduced without written consent from the publisher. Copyright ©2016. All rights reserved. COMPETITION TERMS & CONDITIONS: Unless otherwise specified, all competitions/ giveaways contained in this issue commence at midnight on 1 August 2016 and conclude at 11.59pm on 31 August 2016. Each competition is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winner. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Winners will be selected by Analee Matthews in Metung (Victoria) and will be notified by email no later than 7 September 2016. These terms and conditions apply to all competitions/giveaways contained in this issue, unless otherwise stated. In some instances, the actual prize package may differ slightly to the images presented. To read the full terms and conditions, write to OH! Magazine Competition T&C, c/- Metung Post Office, Metung 3904 VIC, or visit www.ohmagazine. com.au/competitions