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Emotional fitness expert Heidi Di Santo helps you recharge your mojo .
ave you lost your motivation ?
H Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how much you have to do ? Maybe the once-driven and action oriented ‘ you ’ now struggles to get out of bed and make it through the day . Perhaps you rely on things like coffee to get you going and wine to slow you down . Whatever ’ s going on for you , I ’ d like to share one simple tweak to help you find your lost motivation .
Being motivated and reducing stress in your life has everything to do with the words ‘ want to ’ versus ‘ have to ’. They ’ re both ‘ seemingly innocent ’ four letter words . They both have the letter ‘ a ’ in the second position . Yet one word has the ability to create a huge amount of stress in your life whilst the other has the ability to ignite your passion , enthusiasm , creativity and motivation and also fuel a genuine desire to live life to the fullest .
They say that ‘ When an egg is broken by an outside force , life ends . But when an egg is broken by an inside force , life begins .’ The same applies here . When you ‘ want ’ to do something , the flame to do or take action comes from within . There ’ s no external force needed to create the change . There ’ s just raw passion driven by an inner desire to expand and contribute . It ’ s life giving and it ’ s exciting because there ’ s an inner freedom and flow involved . Contrast this to ‘ having ’ to do something .
When any action comes from ‘ having to ’ as opposed to ‘ wanting to ’, life becomes hard . Here there ’ s effort involved because parts of you are often in conflict with others . One part might want to take the action , whilst the other part feels like it ’ s being forced .
Whenever there ’ s force involved in any action , stress is produced and effort is required . There ’ s inner resistance . You don ’ t flow with life and as a result , action ( or making change ) becomes hard .
The reason so many people lose their motivation and find life difficult today is because most of their action comes from ‘ having to do ’ things as opposed to ‘ wanting to do ’ them . Remember , whenever anything becomes a chore , stress will be produced and life will become hard .
So are you unconsciously torturing yourself ? Do a stocktake of your life . What actions do you regularly undertake ? Consider things like work , exercise , shopping , food preparation , cooking , showering , driving , cleaning , washing up , gardening , commuting and socialising . These are all things most people do regularly .
Now that you ’ ve got this list , which of these things do you find a chore ? Remember , if it is a chore it falls into the ‘ have to ’ category and you ’ ll be creating stress each time you need to do it . If you don ’ t like doing something , here are your options :
1 . Stop doing it ( or get someone else to do it ), but if you can ’ t do this then your second option is to ...
2 . Change it so you can enjoy it . If you can ’ t do this then your next option is to ...
3 . Accept it so you don ’ t create the inner stress . Remember , resistance equals stress whilst acceptance equals peace .
To do anything else other than these three options is madness !
Learning to become present during mundane tasks and training yourself to live in the now and stop judging life is a valuable skill that drastically improves your mental and emotional health . The more you can change your attitude towards the things you do regularly ( so they can become more enjoyable or acceptable ), the better your life will become .
Continuing to do a task that is a ‘ have to ’ is a form of torture and you ’ ll only ever endure it because at some level you believe you have no choice . This is a form of victim thinking that stems from a belief of not being able to speak up and make changes so you can have a better quality of life . This is why I ’ m so passionate about helping people to do their ‘ inner work ’. It helps them to regain their power and step out of old beliefs and into taking control of their life .
So if you want to regain your lost motivation , learn to follow your heart , trust your inner wisdom and change your attitude towards those ‘ have to ’ chores .
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