OH! Magazine - Australian Version April 2016 - Page 25

SECRETS SHHH... Secrets is a fine and fashion jewellery brand, delivered by passionate people. It is built around the philosophy of giving all women the opportunity to own attainable, fine quality, beautifully designed jewellery, throughout Australia and the world. The Daylight Ring features Secrets’ Diamond Simulants embracing a large cushion cut yellow coloured centre stone set in beautiful sterling silver. Exquisite serenity radiates from the Daylight Ring like yellow autumn light filtering through the treetops. $295. www.secrets-shhh.com JACK N’ JILL NATURAL TOOTHPASTE WITH ORGANIC FLAVOURS AND CALENDULA Australian natural toothpaste brand Jack N’ Jill has struck a chord with children around the world, with its all-natural formula turning teeth brushing into a fun and safe experience, rather than a chore. The winning combination of natural ingredients and biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging has seen Jack N’ Jill conquer the dental market for kids in Australia and overseas, and is now sold in more than 35 countries worldwide. Developed by Melbourne-based couple Rachel and Justin Bernhaut, the original Jack N’ Jill toothpaste was first established in 1949 and distributed by Justin’s family. Now its updated formulation and new branding is proving to be more popular than ever – with parents and kids alike. jackandjillkids.com GREEN FOOT MAMA Designed as a multi-purpose solution to some of life’s biggest skin woes, Green Foot Mama is Australia’s home for 100 per cent natural and effective super balms containing board-certified organic and fair trade ingredients. Inspired by nature and pursued by love, Green Foot Mama compliments busy lifestyles with responsible, pure and unadulterated skincare. Suitable for the entire family, the Green Foot Mama range of nourishing super balms are lovingly created to restore harmony to the skin and hydrate with nourishing coconut oil, shea butter and natural botanical extracts. greenfootmama.com NEW + IMPROVED SCHICK HYDRO® RANGE The new Schick Hydro® range, offers a convenient and easily accessible trimmer that is revealed with the simple flip of a thumb. Unlike the single edging blades of some other razors, this unique design, makes it perfect for getting in and preening hard to reach spots. This new range is designed to have you enjoy results like never before. Raise your grooming ambition to gelenriched heights and experience the difference. www.schick.com.au PAIN STRIKE OIL Muscle and joint aches and pains, niggly coughs, congestion and skin irritations can be an annoyance, but can also make sufferers’ everyday lives a real struggle. Following two years of research and product development, Pain Strike Oil is set to be the latest everyday essential. This multi-purpose and concentrated high-quality formula contains a blend of 100 per cent natural essential oils of plants including cajuput, wintergreen, clove and camphor oil. When applied topically, clove oil may have local anaesthetic and antiseptic properties, which may assist in the relief of aches and pains of muscles and joints, and camphor is renowned for its use as a topical chest rub to relieve coughs. $11.99 for 8ml roll on. www.painstrikeoil.com.au ( OH! MAGAZINE ) APRIL 2016 25