OECS Stats In Focus Issue 18 - Page 8

Raising Students' Awareness of the Importance of Statistics in the OECS Region

3. Showcase process innovations and new data sources; and

4. Promote varied use of official statistics;

The activity included presentations by PRASC and the OECS Commission on the importance of statistics, the work of national statistics offices, careers in statistics, an overview of the work done at the statistical office, the importance of official statistics at the national and international levels, and statistical projects undertaken between PRASC and the Caribbean.

The mission was funded by PRASC.

As part of the on-going efforts to work with the youth in the OECS region, the OECS Commission Statistical Services Unit collaborated with the Project for the Regional advancement of Statistics in the Caribbean (PRASC) and the Central Statistical Office of Grenada to conduct a statistics awareness campaign for schools in Grenada.

The school campaign was conducted during the week of 15 October 2018 and served as a part of the Caribbean Statistics Day 2018 activities. The main outcomes of the awareness were to:

1. Build trust in official statistics;

2. Heighten awareness of official statistics;