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Turns out Bourne ’ s true identity was a warrior in ancient China !
The Space Between Us
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The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is a staggering 5,500 miles long . Just what were the Chinese trying to keep out ?
Gardner Elliot ( Asa Butterfield ) is the first human to be born on Mars .
Boasting possibly the best premise of any film ever , this frenetic
actioner poses the question : why did the Chinese build the 5,500-mile-long Great Wall ? History books teach us that it was a show of strength on behalf of the all-powerful Qin dynasty ( 221 to 206 BC ) and an impressive way of discouraging roaming Nomadic tribes from attacking . But in Yimou Zhang ’ s explosive and visually spectacular tale , what the Imperial state is actually trying to keep out is monsters . Hordes and hordes of them ...
Step forward Matt Damon . Yeah , yeah , we know what you ’ re thinking . Why is Matt Damon in ancient China ? Well , it ’ s all quite simple really . The Bourne Identity and Interstellar actor ( who , let ’ s not forget , is also an
Oscar winner for his Good Will Hunting screenplay ) stars as William Garin – a mercenary who travels “ thousands of miles in search of a weapon more powerful than we have ever known ”.
Once in China , he makes the acquaintance of fellow Westerner Willem Dafoe ( John Wick , The Grand Budapest Hotel ), who tells him that the Great Wall is “ the only barrier keeping the world safe ” from legions of hungry beasts .
With no one to go home to , Garin – who is an archer of great renown – decides to stay and fight . “ I fought for greed . And gods . This is the first war I ’ ve seen worth fighting ,” he declares manfully ( and perhaps foolishly ).
The result is a blockbuster of truly epic proportions and one that should propel Zhang into the directing big league .
Now 16 , he ’ s lived on the Red Planet his entire life . His best friend is a robot !
But then he gets the chance to travel to Earth . At first , he feels completely alienated ...
... but he manages to adjust ( just about ). Can he find his long-lost father ?
The Space Between Us is in cinemas from 10 February
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