ODEON Magazine January 2017 - Page 11

Fifteen years after the American original (and 19 years after Ringu – the Japanese film that inspired the US series), Samara is back. And it’s no surprise to learn that the lankhaired, TV-popper-outer is more vindictive and murderous than ever. This star-packed threequel, which is set 13 years after the events of The Ring, sees Julia (Matilda Lutz – Summertime) worrying about the mindset of her boyfriend Holt (Alex Roe – The 5th Wave), who has become obsessed with a sinister videotape. According to legend, anyone who views the tape will die in exactly seven days. The only way to break the curse is to make a copy and pass it on. To save her boyfriend, Julia watches the tape, but in doing so she spots a movie within the movie that no one has noticed before, in the process setting in motion a truly terrifying chain of events. 3 FEB Watch the trailer • Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner sequel has a name: Blade Runner 2049 – the year in which the film is set odeon.co.uk 11 PHOTO: © 20116 paramount pictures Rings Get your Freak on!