October/November 2022 MODSocietyMag_RDC_OctNov - Page 40

Morgan delights in meeting new people and bringing them together to not only enjoy flowers , but also art . And she appreciates how everyone can connect with her medium of choice , no matter their background or prior experience .
“ For me , flowers connect you to the seasonality of the world ,” she says . “ If you ’ re working from home or not going out as much as you maybe once did , you might miss some of the seasonality of what ’ s going on around you . Fresh-cut flowers have a powerful way of bringing home what ’ s going on outside .”
This attitude influences Morgan ’ s approach to teaching people how to create something beautiful with flowers . And it also helps shape her take on floral art . She finds inspiration in the flowers themselves as well as the floral industry community in her area .
“ The local growing community is amazing — Blue Bird Meadow , Fireside Farm , Fern Rock , Happy Coneflower Farm — they ’ re all so kind and generous and great to work with ,” she says . “ I love going to Piedmont Wholesale , being lined up with all the other designers and talking to the growers as they sell their products . We ’ re in it together , and it is a beautiful , symbiotic process .”
Morgan also finds inspiration in her backyard cutting garden and by going on walks in downtown Hillsborough . Sometimes , she takes solo walks to meet her husband and children for dinner . These walks offer her the chance to reset and reconnect with nature , and she often finds just the right perspective or unexpected inspiration along the way .
As she looks to the future , Morgan plans to grow her business by sharing West Queen Studio with guest teachers from around the world . She has brought in heavy hitters such as Belgium-born Françoise Weeks , “ the Queen of Botanicals ,” an internationally recognized floral artist who currently resides in Portland , Oregon . For a two-day course in November , Morgan also welcomes Sarah Richardson , a popular florist and teacher from London who has worked with Jo Malone and Anthropologie .
Though earning the “ Art in Bloom ” Designers ’ Choice Award , a peer-selected recognition , is Morgan ’ s proudest moment , realizing West Queen Studio has provided more than mere space to create beautiful flower arrangements illustrates the impact she is making beyond the flowers themselves .
“ My flowers have created my community ,” she says . – Meredith Martindale , editor