October/November 2022 MODSocietyMag_RDC_OctNov - Page 30


THE FOLLY : A decorative architectural structure that is designed as a focal point whose purpose is to draw attention and lead the visitor out into the landscape as a destination . Otherwise , a nonfunctional , attractive building .
Today , architects are often asked to design pool houses , pavilions , trellises , fences and gates . These architectural structures are attractive extensions of residences designed to draw you into the yard , but now they ’ re also functional .
Most are open-air . Some are roofed to keep the rain out . Many have fireplaces to extend the outdoor season in fall and winter . Some have fans , lighting , outdoor
A classic Tuscan column is crowned with a rustic cedar trellis . New dawn roses and oak leaf hydrangeas are in the background .
An arched moon gate provides the perfect view of the moon garden and modern sculpture .
This custom-designed obelisk was created for a Virginia-inspired flower garden .