October Newsletter 2020 | Page 2

Mask Extenders

Eugenia P . makes a fall wreath for her door !
This year has been frightening enough , but the Stone Pear Pavilion is still celebrating Halloween with some COVID-friendly fang-tastic plans for residents and staff . We ’ ll be having a three week long scavenger hunt to win holiday prizes , a facility costume contest , Halloween party , seasonal crafts , S ( care ) packages for our residents , Halloween Jokereno and more ghoulishly delightful activities . Check your calendars for dates and times to join in the month ’ s festivities !
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TYLER KINEMOND , A KIND HEART AND HELPING HAND One of the battles we have all faced this year is that of the Face Mask ! You know of this battle especially if you wear glasses ... the fog is real . Our community pulled together quickly to see that all had a face mask to protect them from COVID-19 .
A special young man in our community chose to help in another type of way . For Christmas a few years ago , Tyler Kinemond received a 3D printer . Anything you can think of , Tyler can 3D print with his machine . He has made toy cars , drawers to hold trinkets for his grandmother , measuring cups , action figures and even a glider ! He bought a new printer in March and Tyler quickly saw a need that he could help fill , Mask Extenders ! A Mask Extender is made up of plastic with notches down the sides , that your mask elastic hooks onto , to save your ears from discomfort . This year , Tyler donated over 500 Extenders to essential staff including those of us here at The Orchards !
You may be wondering what exactly is a 3D Printer ? 3D printing uses computer-aided design ( CAD ) to create three-dimensional objects through a layering method . Sometimes referred to as additive manufacturing , 3D printing involves layering materials , like plastics , composites or bio-materials to create objects that range in shape , size , rigidity and color . Basically , the printer takes a filament , melts it down into a paste , then cools it down while printing . It uses layers to create the finished project . You are welcome to use a site for blueprints such Thingiverse . com or create your very own .
Currently a junior in high-school , Tyler says that the 3-D Printer is just for fun . His plans for the future are that of an E . R . Physician . He is thinking of going to YSU or Ohio University for his undergrad . This young man developed a knack for helping , likely from his father who is an East Liverpool Police Officer . Wherever his path may lead , we are sure he will do great things ! A simple but meaningful message Tyler would like to leave you with , “ Stay Safe !”
Thank you so much , Tyler , for your generosity !