Oct 2020 Marr College Newsletter 09 - Page 5

Issue Number 09 | October 2020
Hello , my name is Grace Taylor I ' m in S2 and I recently joined the news team . I like literacy and writing and love to draw . I have two pets - a tortoise called Sheldon and a turtle called Lenard . I am looking forward to writing more articles this year .
Sophie A
Hello , my name is Sophie ! I ’ m in S2 and just joined the school news team . I like art , sports and writing . I have a sister called Kelsie and a brother called Elijah . I can ’ t wait to be writing loads more news articles with this team .
Hi everyone ! My name is Eva and I ’ m in second year in Marr . I joined the school in January after living in Glasgow for 10 years . I decided to join the school news team over lockdown as I love writing and meeting pupils and staff . There were not many clubs that are fun for me until I found this one ! My favourite subjects are English , French , Art and Business . In my spare time I like to watch films , especially musicals , I like spending time with my friends and family and reading my books in bed . I ’ m so glad I am a part of the team with Miss Wyllie and I will be staying here for a long time !
I am Sky and I joined the school news team because I felt like I would be good at it . My favourite hobbies are karate , singing and dancing . I am looking forward to writing things for the newsletters .
I joined the school news team because I wanted to develop types of skills that would be required for this type of thing . I feel like I am the best at illustrations and speaking of which , I like ; drawing , animations , etc .
Sophie H
I ’ m Sophie Henderson and I ’ m in S1 , my favourite subjects are English , music and business . Writing and reading are my favourite subjects . I joined the news team because I love to write poems and word searches .