Oct 2020 Marr College Newsletter 09 - Page 22

Issue Number 09 | October 2020
The class have also spoken with our school counsellor , Denise , about Mental Health and what could be done to improve the awareness of mental health and promoting where you can receive mental health support . Denise also helped to promote our school website , where there are Marr resources to support and promote good Mental Health .
Last year , the mental health leadership team created a lunch time drop in club to support the students at Marr and provide a safe place to talk to someone about their mental health .
Plans for other mental health services are in the works to be implemented throughout the year . Miss Owens , our school librarian , has provided some lessons with the team on mindfulness , which allowed them to learn some mindfulness techniques to use in preparation for their busy year ahead as well as implementing them into their future plans .
The Mental Health Leadership Team have been hard at work preparing for a busy year ahead , promoting good mental health within the school and providing support for those who need it .
If you or someone you know feels they need to talk to someone about their mental health , this team of sixth years are well equipped to listen to and support you .
If you ’ re concerned about your own , or your friend ’ s wellbeing , please get in touch with your guidance teacher . You can contact them through the school email marr . mail @ south-ayrshire . gov . uk