Oct 2020 Marr College Newsletter 09 - Page 20

Issue Number 09 | October 2020
S6 Meeting with Douglas Hutchison
Written by Kathryn Muir , S6 On Friday the 9 th of October , two of our School Captains , Jay Malcolm and I ( Kathryn Muir ) took part in a meeting with Douglas Hutchison , South Ayrshire ’ s Depute Chief and Executive Director of Education , as well as other member of the leadership teams from secondary schools across South Ayrshire . successes within our school community . Overall , the meeting was an important conversation to be had and allowed us to meet Mr Hutchison and talk about important issues within our school community and give and receive advice from other captains at schools across South Ayrshire .
Our School Captains met with Mr Hutchison over Zoom on Friday morning to discuss our roles within the school and how school life is going during these times . In previous years , our school captains have met with other student leaders of South Ayrshire schools and Mr Hutchison at Ayr County Hall in Ayr , but unfortunately due to Covid19 restrictions the meeting was set to take place over Zoom . The annual meeting is usually about settling in at the beginning of the year and a get to know you for the various schools ’ leaders and Mr Hutchison . This year , however , the topic of Covid 19 and restrictions was a big part of the conversation . It was important to hear how other schools dealt with lockdown and what tools are being widely used to make life easy , such as Microsoft Teams and Glow . It was also a good opportunity to raise any concerns from across South Ayrshire and raise achievements and
Blitz – Young Enterprise
“ We are Blitz - Marr College ’ s 2020 Young Enterprise team . The product we will be selling is personalised hand sanitising bottles . We thought this was a great idea because it relates to the current situation going on around us in the world . We will be selling these for £ 2.50 each and you can order them through our Social Media pages . You can find us on Instagram and Twitter @ marr _ blitz and Facebook @ MarrBlitz to follow along with our journey and keep updated with our products .”