Oct 2020 Marr College Newsletter 09 - Page 14

Issue Number 09 | October 2020
This term Marr College have been working on a Digital Transformation Strategy – this includes both shortterm Covid recovery planning but also a longer-term strategy to embed digital technology to enhance learning and teaching and also work towards achieving accreditation for all the great work that is happening in the school .
The team has been working on a draft whole school policy and have presented to the Parent Council , the Extended Leadership team and also whole school . Marr have had an initial meeting with Ian Stuart the Microsoft Education Lead for Scotland and the North of England about initial steps to apply for the Microsoft Showcase School Incubator Path . We will keep you posted with our progress !
Staff previously had training in MS Teams , Forms and OneNote – to further build on that staff undertook workshops during our recent inservice day including and Introduction to Teams and additional fun tools such as Sway , Quizizz and Classflow . Marr College staff have also been completing online training using the Microsoft Educator Centre on a variety of different topics . Students have undertaken additional training in the use of Teams to access resources remotely during S1 Digital Literacy , S2 Digital Enterprise and also S3 – S6 PSE classes .