Oct 2020 Marr College Newsletter 09 - Page 12

Issue Number 09 | October 2020
Due to Covid-19 the library has had
to alter the way pupils have access
to reading material . Miss Owens has
created our new bespoke Order
Service which
September .
This service allows pupils to complete an online order form to request a library book , which Miss Owens then delivers to their English class ( S1-3 ) and their PSE class ( S4-6 ). Pupils can access the order form via Teams ( s1-3 ) or by scanning a QR code that is on display around the school . pupil who said they would not like that kind of story so I think I ’ m doing pretty good at choosing books for everyone ”
For the month of September Miss Owens presented Mrs Russell ’ s English class a certificate and prize for Class of the Month for the highest number of pupils participating in the Order and Delivery Service .
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The school catalogue is available online via the South Ayrshire Library Catalogue , Good Reads or the ArBookfinder using code ZM678656 . Miss Owens had this to say about the new service :
“ Although it is a very different library experience for our pupils , it still allows then to browse the stock online and let me know what they want to read . For those pupils who don ’ t have a title in mind I ask them to let me know what they like and I choose for them . This has been both exciting and a bit nerve wracking at the same time . I ’ ve only had one book returned straight away from a