Oct 2020 Marr College Newsletter 09 - Page 11

Issue Number 09 | October 2020
We are delighted to have Eva Mackinnon ( S2 ) join the School Student News Team this year – she came up with the great idea of interviewing members of the Marr College staff to help students get to know their teachers better . She thought this would be especially helpful for new members of staff .
Introducing Mr Imbur ! Mr Imbur ( English ) has the pleasure of being the first teacher in the school for my Who ’ s Who article ! On the 2nd October 2020 , I interviewed Mr Imbur to get to know him a bit better and for everyone at Marr College to know him too . Mr Imbur came to Scotland one and a half years ago with his wife and two daughters . The main reasons why they came to Scotland was for his daughter ’ s medical needs and because his wife is from Glasgow . Mr Imbur has been teaching English for 26 years - wow ! His favourite book is called The Great Gatsby which is about the 1920s in America written by F . Scott Fitzgerald , although his favourite author is William Faulkner . His favourite type of book to read is literary fiction which is books with lots of depth and detail .
Mr Imbur is from America , so I asked him if he misses his hometown . He misses his adult son and mum and other family and friends . His favourite thing about Marr College is the enthusiasm and energy from the pupils here at Marr . Mr Imbur loves to play golf and loves seeing Scotland with his family . We are all very happy you are teaching at Marr and hope you have settled in well !
Introducing Mrs Morton ! My next new member of staff is Art and Design teacher Mrs Morton ! Mrs Morton joined Marr College in August 2020 and is permanently here ! She is married to History / Modern Studies teacher Mr Morton . Mrs Morton was born in Glasgow but has travelled all over the world as her Dad was in the Navy . She has lived in places like Hawaii and Italy . She has been teaching Art since 2007 . Mrs Morton has a part time job here at Marr College . On Mondays and Tuesdays , Mrs Morton stays at home and makes clay as her other job is a ceramic designer , so she makes things like plates and pots . Her favourite artist is Frida Kahlo and her favourite designer is Elley Kischmoto .
Mrs Morton loves the staff and pupils at Marr and is very excited to be a part of the school family . Mrs Morton likes to spend time with Mr Morton and their 3 children and is good friends with French teacher Mrs Richard . Mrs Morton feels very welcome and has settled in well at Marr College !
Written by Eva Mackinnon , S2