NYULH-Pediatric Dentistry Program-rackcard-May2023

Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry
NYU Langone Dental Medicine Postdoctoral Residency Programs

Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry

( PEDS )
This is a 24-month , ADA-CODA accredited hospital and health center based program . The curriculum emphasizes pediatric medicine and dentistry , the behavioral and pharmacological management of children , oral biology for the pediatric dentist , and general anesthesia .
Graduates are well-prepared in all areas of pediatric dentistry and will become contributing members of the health care team in a hospital environment , community healthcare facility or private practice .
Real-Life Training “ I highly recommend NYU Langone Dental ’ s Pediatric Residency Program . It teaches you the nitty gritty – how to interact with parents and patients , what and what not to treat . I learned so many different treatment philosophies from my attendings and co-residents who are all so collaborative . It is a family who helps mold you into the type of provider you want to be in the future .”
Allie Inouye Pediatric Resident , PGY2 , 2018 , El Rio Community Health Center