NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 18 Issue 1 - Winter 2018 - Page 82

poetry Poems from WAYS TO RETURN by Rafael Soler with translations by Hope Doyle D’Ambrosio Zoom Out (Pure Cinema) Quick Taste of Silvia Eliade Antidiary just in case Outside daylight landscape with apples Smooth warm sweet tooth fruity bouquet with an aftertaste of foothills nutmeg and lost youth Today I will not get up at seven fifteen which is a sad time to start the day a horrid knife at my throat and another in the orange Silvia Eliade three days in an old oak country house oceanfront, with Jacuzzi I will not bathe with Dead Sea salts half-asleep as I sit in its bubbles so discreet in my numbered container vintage 1982 private reserve I will not open the newspaper where I always do I will not look for ads for massages by the hour nor will I find my premature obituary panoramic view showing almost everything except you sound of voices approaching with a distant echo of horse hooves also birds on a branch undeserving the wind in the middle of the scene two men with swords fight to the death still free of debts and mortgages and in seats number seven and nine velvet, center section I will not look I promise you in the mirrors I do not have neither will I talk to myself going home nor make a glass-less toast with your glass bound eternally as I am to your window slow zoom and piano music while you boldly open your sandwich and your skirt. willing mouth for your sweet bottled neck