NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 18 Issue 1 - Winter 2018 - Page 52

Dragonfly 2 am . Orlando, Florida . . . Omar’s on the march . . . There’s the oily taste of sweat or mucus or is it blood oozing over his vision. He licks his lips & grins into his phone posing in his nypd t- shirt, gnawing his hijacked dream of martyrdom, too late for virgins in heaven, he’s had his, dismissed them as awkward & flawed, lacking technique or a script worthy of a triple X. It’s his last call, he wants it straight up, storms the door, levels his weapon & snuffs out forty-nine leaving fifty-three hacked & bleeding ** There’s the guy I hustled last Friday & the guy with the Harley who’d I glisten in my innocence. offered me a ride & when Flash of crimson . . . Hint of lavender . . . Halo of gold I backed away smirked & This party’s just getting started. That was then . . . One’s moaning in the corner. I’ll finish her off for sure & Tonight. one’s rocking on his knees & you too you Tonight is different. motherfucker . . . & . . . No lies. No masks . . .Tonight’s all business: & here he pauses for a call to heaven Sixty rounds a minute & or is it hell no fucking faggot’s gonna get off when the walls come on me. crashing down. I’m in charge. I am War. I am Mayhem. Irrelevance unleashed. Calm, cool & ready to dance. You will die in my conflagration. My allegiance is pledged. Go ahead. I will unleash a flood of blood over all Ready or not The Lieutenant’s on the move. Prince of avengers. King of the mountain. Like the Dragonfly Here I am & Here I come. who tremble at my feet. Tonight . . .Tonight One pass, then another. There: said something about temptation &