NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 18 Issue 1 - Winter 2018 - Page 4

back cover art by Chester Higgins, 1998. Brooklyn. – C. Evelyn Edmund Black Renaissance/ Renaissance Noire Institute of African-American Affairs New York University 14 A Washington Mews, 4th floor New York, NY 10003-6687 telephone (212) 998-2133 fax (212) 995-4109 e-mail qt2@nyu.edu website http://www.nyubrn.org/ Black Renaissance/ Renaissance Noire is edited and published by the Institute of African-American Affairs at New York University. All material copyright 2018 by New York University and the authors. All rights reserved. All opinions expressed in Black Renaissance/ Renaissance Noire are the responsibility of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors, the New York University Institute of African-American Affairs, or New York University itself. Manuscripts in English, should be 12 point type sent in double-spaced format, in a Microsoft Word-compatible electronic file to the main e-mail address. Manuscripts in African languages, French or Spanish will be considered if accompanied by an English translation. Black Renaissance/ Renaissance Noire is published three times a year. founding editors Manthia Diawara Clyde Taylor Walter Mosley 2018 subscription rates editor Quincy Troupe The following is subscription information for Black Renaissance Noire. Preferred Payment Method and Currency: check/us dollars membership rates: Yearly Individual Domestic/Int’l (3 issues): $35 (dom)/$42 (int’l)usd Yearly Institutional Domestic/Int’l Subscription (3 issues): $60 (dom)/$67(int’l) usd Individual Issue Purchase: $15 usd International Shipping Charge: $12.50 (ind)/$28 (inst) All Available Versions: Print Black Renaissance/ Renaissance Noire is indexed in Humanities International Complete printed by dg3. printed in the usa creative director Cesar Cruz volume 18 issue 1 | winter 2018 6 The Last Gig Excerpt from the novel, “I’ll Get You, My Pretty” pam ward 10 Poems duane niatum editorial board Jeffrey Renard Allen Houston A. Baker Jr. Kamau Brathwaite Mbye Cham Maryse Condé Angela Y. Davis Martín Espada Kimiko Hahn Allison Adele Hedge Coke Victor Hernandez Cruz Robin D. G. Kelley Kobena Mercer Walter Mosley V. Y. Mudimbe Alexs Pate Ngũg1̃ wa Thiong’o Angelique V. Nixon Patrick Rosal Clyde Taylor Kitia Toure Abdourahman A. Waberi 18 30 Visual Arts chester higgins 76 From: Another Kind of Madness: A Novel 114 Poems scott bear 80 Poems Of Buried Memories and Other Stories ijeoma umebinyuo 108 Visual Arts foad satterfield ed pavlić 52 126 Poems william trowbridge rafael soler with translations by Hope Doyle D’Ambrosio 68 Ed Pavlić interview on James Baldwin justin desmangles chantal bizzini translation by 96 Dead But Not Gone marsha cann 101 Poem indran amirthanayagam 132 In Defense of White Supremacy dr. owen brown J. Bradford Anderson 58 Visual Arts mildred howard 90 Poems 54 The Distance Between Land and Sea ijeoma umebinyuo The Vaudou Priestess Excerpt from the upcoming memoir “Celebrating my Mysteries” monique clesca 44 Poems roger aplon 14 Poems andre bagoo editorial assistant Cyd C. Fulton website administrator Mary Gibson 4 My Take In Memoriam Hugh Masekela & Jack Whitten quincy troupe arts editor/copy editor Margaret Porter Troupe 42 Poem melba joyce boyd 136 Visual Arts deanna sirlin 142 Contributors 102 Foad Satterfield: Things Known An Interview with Megan Wilkinson megan wilkinson 1990, Brooklyn. – Muslim Woman Contents Chester Higgins, cover art by