NYU Black Renaissance Noire Volume 18 Issue 1 - Winter 2018 - Page 112

Additionally, by focusing on making, the rules become simple for me as the artist: I make a mark, another, and do not question whether the marks are right or not. I simply trust myself and remember my experience in nature. m Vida Terrestre #1, 2015 Acrylic on canvas 60” by 72” r Urban Series, 2011 Mixed media on paper 8” by 10” I then communicate all that I’ve meditated on through a series of works on paper, which in turn become large paintings. I begin by focusing on the process — not on painting a finished object. It is the doing that generates the creative excitement and unexpected outcomes that seem fresh and unlabored, not a predetermined composition or predictable conceptual cliché. I take these impressions back to my studio and carefully consider how to share them artfully and authentically, contemplating the scale, tone, and vision I wish to create. I also ask myself the following: Is this concept compelling? Is it true for me? Does it represent who and what I am? Does this idea have transformative possibilities for my audience? How can it contribute to the environment where it will be placed? Lastly, does it provide a measure of delight by just looking at it? When these factors are aligned, I feel that my vision is ready to be conveyed.