NYBC Enterprises Community Report - Page 22


BLOOD DONORS are lifelines for cancer , trauma , and surgery patients , accident and burn victims , newborns and mothers delivering babies , AIDS and sickle cell anemia patients , organ transplant recipients , and many others . Voluntary blood donation builds social capital — the network of social ties and moral obligations vital to the health and wellness of our communities . Donated plasma helps patients with blood diseases , low platelet counts , or non-functioning platelets at high risk of bleeding , such as chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant patients . Platelet donations are essential to ensuring a patient ’ s blood can clot when needed , and platelets contain growth factors that help repair damaged body tissue .
VOLUNTEERS provide care and assistance to our dedicated blood donors and encourage the public to donate at schools , businesses , and community organizations . High school and college student volunteers can receive community service hours by hosting and volunteering at blood drives . We provide everything you need to host a drive in your community and help you organize the drive at the location of your choice or at one of our donor centers or bloodmobiles . We also provide pre-drive support , including signage and educational materials , and on the day of the drive , we provide staff , donor beds , and refreshments .
FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTORS help support our leading-edge research , the 24 / 7 operations that ensure critical blood products reach patients in need , lifesaving programs and services , as well as educational initiatives and student scholarships .