NYBC Enterprises Community Report - Page 21

Krishna Thompson lost his left leg in a near-fatal shark attack in 2001 while on vacation in the Bahamas . He was there to celebrate his 10 th wedding anniversary , and as he took a morning swim , the shark dragged him under water and struck with deadly force .
Amazingly , he managed to pry open the shark ’ s mouth to release his leg , nearly severing his fingers . He was rushed to a Miami hospital where doctors amputated his leg above the knee , and today , he walks with a prosthetic . The shark tore off most of the soft tissue on his leg , severing nerves and arteries . Krishna lost so much blood during the attack that doctors feared he suffered brain-damage . He required dozens of units of blood to help save his life .
After a long recovery , he was able to return to work as a securities administrator at Bank of New York . Today , Krishna is a husband and father living in Suffolk County , New York . He swims , works out at the gym , and occasionally plays basketball . He is also a vocal blood donation advocate and deeply committed to being a regular blood donor and encouraging others to follow his lead .
“ When they look at me today , they say , ‘ Why ’ s Krishna so happy ?’” he said . “ You know why I ’ m happy ? Because I ’ m happy to be alive .”
Krishna speaks at blood drives stressing the importance of donating blood , and , in an interesting twist of fate , he has volunteered with Pew Environment Group , dedicating his time to the cause of shark conservation .
( L to R ): Blood recipient Krishna Thompson at NYBC ’ s 50 th Anniversary Gala with former New York City Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano and NYBC President & CEO Christopher D . Hillyer , MD .