NYBC Enterprises Community Report - Page 18


( L ): NYBC driver delivers one of NYBC ’ s first Home Care Convenience Kits for hemophilia patients in 1983 , containing coagulation materials and self-administration equipment . ( R ): NYBC Pharmacy Services staff prepares product shipments .
Patients like Rose Bender rely on the selfless generosity of blood donors to survive . Rose was born with hemophilia , a genetic disorder caused by missing or defective factor VIII , a clotting protein . According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , hemophilia occurs in about 1 in 5,000 live births , and there are approximately 20,000 people with the condition in the U . S . At only 9-months-old , Rose ’ s knee swelled abnormally because of internal bleeding in her knee joint , and she lost a significant amount of blood . She required a whole blood transfusion , fresh frozen plasma , and cryoprecipitate to replenish the lost blood . Hemophilia treatment involves Rose Bender the replacement of the missing blood clotting factor so that the blood can clot properly by infusing , or administering , commercially prepared factor concentrates through the vein . People with hemophilia can learn how to perform these infusions themselves so they can stop bleeding episodes , and by performing the infusions on a regular basis , even prevent them . For more than 30 years , NYBC Pharmacy Services has specialized in dispensing factor concentrates to bleeding disorder patients . In that time , NYBC has dispensed over two billion units of factor . Our staff provides the experience and knowledge necessary to help patients receive and manage their medication and infusion supplies .
NYBC partners with the Hemophilia Consortium , Inc ., to provide pharmacy services , including factor medication and related supplies , to patients enrolled at one of the following Hemophilia Treatment Centers ( HTCs ): Albany Regional Comprehensive Center for Hemophilia and von Willenbrand Disease at Albany Medical College ; Northwell Health ( formerly North Shore-LIJ Health System ); Mount Sinai School of Medicine ; and The New York-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical College Comprehensive Center for Hemophilia and Coagulation Disorders . Each center offers comprehensive care for patients with all types of bleeding disorders .
With our professional pharmacy staff and a broad inventory of factor medications to meet patient needs , we work in tandem with each HTC to provide quality service and support , including :
• On-site customer service staff available 24 / 7 , including weekends and holidays .
• Medication monitoring to maintain a patient ’ s prescribed dosing schedule .
• Delivery of medication by our privately-owned and operated transportation fleet .
• Interpreting services are available in any language for customer convenience and comfort .
• NYBC is licensed to distribute factor medication and devices in New York , New Jersey , and other states .