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Founded in 1964 , New York Blood Center Enterprises ( NYBCe ) is one of the largest nonprofit , independent , community blood centers in the world . Along with partner organizations Blood Bank of Delmarva ( BBD ), Community Blood Center of Kansas City ( CBC ), Connecticut Blood Center ( CTBC ), Memorial Blood Centers ( MBC ), Nebraska Community Blood Bank ( NCBB ), and Rhode Island Blood Center ( RIBC ), we collect approximately 4,000 units of blood products each day and serve communities approaching 50 million people in the tri-state area ( NY , NJ , CT ), mid-Atlantic area ( PA , DE , MD ), Kansas City metropolitan area , Minnesota , Nebraska , Rhode Island , and Southern New England . NYBCe delivers lifesaving blood products and services as well as clinical , medical , pharmaceutical , testing , and consultative services to over 600 hospitals and dozens of research organizations , academic institutions , and biomedical companies . Among other milestones , our Lindsley F . Kimball Research Institute pioneered the Hepatitis B vaccine and patented a solvent detergent plasma process , innovating blood-purification technology worldwide . NYBCe . ORG
Lindsley F . Kimball Research Institute ( LFKRI ) is the research branch of New York Blood Center . LFKRI ’ s research efforts have paved the way for new blood-related products , techniques , and therapies . The Institute ’ s commitment to groundbreaking research has resulted in numerous landmark patents and licenses . LFKRI ’ s areas of blood-related research include transfusion medicine , hematology , infectious disease , epidemiology , and cellular therapy . NYBCe . ORG / OUR-RESEARCH
Building on a foundation of innovation and discovery and combining the scientific and research expertise of New York Blood Center and Community Blood Center of Kansas City , the National Center for Blood Group Genomics ( NCBGG ) specializes in applying precision medicine to blood transfusion to increase safety and minimize complications . Based in Kansas City , NCBGG ’ s mission is to provide the highest quality testing services for extended blood typing at lower cost for donor centers and the patients they serve to improve the practice of transfusion medicine , develop the next generation of testing , and train the next generation of leaders . BLOODGROUPGENOMICS . ORG
Rhode Island Blood Center ( RIBC ) was founded in 1979 as a nonprofit community blood center . For over 35 years , RIBC has been the primary supplier of blood and blood products to patients being cared for in hospitals throughout Rhode Island and in neighboring states . Our mission is to help save lives by ensuring a safe , plentiful , and cost-effective blood supply . RIBC is also part of the National Marrow Donor Program and collects stem cells for transplant at its Providence location . RIBC provides therapeutic treatments for patients in local hospitals . Our state-of-the-art laboratory performs donor testing for over 400,000 donations per year . RIBC is also involved in a variety of local and national research programs in an effort to improve all aspects of the blood supply . RIBC is a Division of New York Blood Center , Inc . ( a family of operating Divisions known as New York Blood Center Enterprises ). RIBC . ORG