NWTC Equity Guide A guide to diversity, equity and inclusion at NWTC - Page 26

DIVERSITY EDUCATION New Employee Onboarding All new employees (part-time and full-time) engage in our onboarding program. The program includes a three-hour new employee orientation where new employees learn about our intended culture and are provided a high level overview of NWTC. Employees learn the importance of providing equity and inclusion service to all of our campuses and regional learning centers. In addition to those elements, our onboarding program includes Culture 101, a learning plan to guide employees’ professional development for their first year/s of employment (one-year plan for full-time employees; four-year plan for part-time employees). Our Culture 101 element includes eight sessions designed to promote and strengthen employees within our culture. Diversity Electives NWTC currently has approximately 31 diversity and cultural awareness programs offered and supported through Talent Development. These sessions offer faculty and staff a chance to learn more about veterans, disabilities, global issues, and current equity-related matters that impede the growth of ourselves and our students. Members of the Diversity Team have developed a tentative diversity plan for offering electives related to social justice, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) issues, disability, culture, generational differences, and other topics to help our employees understand the populations they work with and serve. The sessions will also be offered to our students to build a more understanding and inclusive community. 24 Professional Development/ Experiential Learning Employees are encouraged to personalize and design their continuous growth, development, and life-long learning experiences. Talent Development consultants are on site to partner with employees and provide them with resources, guidance, learning opportunities, and experiences that could include department job shadowing, cross-functional training, charter team collaboration, international programs, conferences, community involvement, mentorship, stretch/challenge assignments, self-study, and more. iRespect Certification Levels iRespect! Education Levels certification is available to full/part-time staff and faculty at NWTC who are interested in supporting, leading and/or growing NWTC’s commitment to equity and inclusion. Participation is voluntary and simply a way to package and recognize your efforts and commitment to an inclusive NWTC. Level 1: Awareness: Level 1 education opportunities are designed for staff and faculty to gain awareness and knowledge of self and others. Level 2: Application: Level 2 education opportunities are designed for faculty and staff to acquire knowledge, tools, & techniques that can be immediately applied to their professional roles on campus and positively impact student interactions and campus culture. Level 3: Integration: Level 3 involves integrating and/or leading and assessing an inclusive practice at the College. Learn more at nwtc.edu/iRespect.