NWTC Equity Guide A guide to diversity, equity and inclusion at NWTC - Page 20

COLLEGE TEAMS AND PARTNERSHIPS Together, we can ensure that Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is a place for all. NWTC partners with community organizations and K-12 schools to help enhance our college environment with a focus on diversity and inclusiveness. NWTC Diversity Team The mission of the NWTC Diversity Team is to advocate for an inclusive culture in support of the strategic directions of the College. This will be achieved by fulfilling the College’s vision for equity and supporting innovations that stimulate and advance diversity and inclusion within the College and our community. Predicted Results for the College: • PACE survey results around workplace and student diversity remain above the norm. • Reduced Graduation Rate achievement gap among racial groups. • Reduced Successful Gateway Course Completion Rate achievement gap among racial groups. • Diversity and equity for all students is embraced through effective access, wrap around services, teaching and learning, and credential completion. • Increased percentage of students of color enrolled in and completing programs that have a median starting wage higher than the overall median starting wage of NWTC programs. • Demonstrated multiculturalism of curriculum in 100% of programs. • Decreased gap between the percentage of students of color and the percentage of the College workforce of color, at all levels. 18 The team will contribute to the predicted results by: • Working closely with the director of Diversity and Inclusion to provide leadership on diversity matters for the College. • Developing annual action plan items focusing on indicators that are aligned with the diversity and equity activities identified in the College’s strategic directions. • Evaluating and advising the College on the NWTC’s Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Five-Year Plan to promote campus- wide cooperation and participation. • Consulting with divisions/departments on projects and the creation of activities on their Team Action Plans specific to enhancing an inclusive college environment. • Enhancing community collaborations that support the intellectual and growth interests of the College in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion. NWTC is committed to the core principles of diversity and inclusion, to the policies and practices that ensure equitable consideration and opportunity in education and employment, and to a culture that embraces a multiplicity of talents, knowledge, beliefs, abilities and experiences.