NWTC Equity Guide A guide to diversity, equity and inclusion at NWTC - Page 19

RACIALLY-DIVERSE WORKPLACE Multicultural Student Internships Employee Involvement Groups Continuing with the College’s commitment to diversify our workforce, Human Resources funds two multicultural internship/training positions yearly. Interns are exposed to the internal and daily operations of a department, in hopes of pursuing full-time employment at the College upon graduation. Human Resources provides pay based upon hours worked, and covers all educational fees, tuition, and books not covered by other programs. To provide another avenue for employee engagement, Employee Involvement Groups (EIG) were created in 2019 to aid in NWTC’s efforts to diversify the workforce by supporting the recruitment and retention goals tied to employee and student success. Individuals selected meet with College personnel to develop a specific training program. This program includes classes incorporated into a weekly work schedule. It could also include individual seminars, skill building activities, and individual training programs as the needs and desires of the individual dictate. Diversity Recruitment and Retention Workgroup Working on the centralized goal of having an employee population that mirrors its student body, a core team has been assembled to create the framework for creating and sustaining a welcoming environment for diverse staff based on and guided by current staff. This subcommittee reviews data related to employee experiences to foster and encourage an environment where underrepresented employees are included within the College community and support recruitment and retention strategies. EIGs are self-initiated, employee-led groups that focus on a common human characteristic (such as race, ethnicity, generation, ability, gender, etc.). Groups are open to all employees who want to support the goals of the EIG. EIGs can: • Support one another in dealing with issues that come up in the organization. • Provide underrepresented employees the opportunity to have critical mass/power in numbers. • Be a strategic partner to leadership and a vehicle for managing organizational change. • Promote internal engagement through leadership and belonging around a critical mass. To learn more about NWTC’s EIGs, go to nwtc.edu/Diversity. To learn more about the diversity at NWTC, please view our Student and Employee Fast Fact Sheet at nwtc.edu/Diversity. 17