NWTC Equity Guide A guide to diversity, equity and inclusion at NWTC - Page 17

ARE TELLING US ABOUT ENGAGEMENT Student Equity Data For more information on the College’s institutional, employee, and student data, please visit the Data Mine. The Data Mine is an internal resource that includes a comprehensive index of reports, but it also includes many other resources. This information is only available to NWTC staff. PACE Survey Every other year, NWTC invites employees to participate in a PACE (Personal Assessment of College Environment) survey administered by the National Initiative for Leadership and Institutional Effectiveness. The purpose of the survey is to obtain the perceptions of personnel concerning the college climate and to provide data to assist NWTC in promoting open and constructive communication among faculty, staff, and administrators. Using the below six-point scale, respondents are asked to select their survey response to items divided into four domains: institutional structure, supervisory relationships, teamwork, and student focus. • Very satisfied. • Satisfied. • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. • Dissatisfied. • Very dissatisfied. • Not applicable. As of 2016, NWTC has included a set of racial subscale questions as a way to continue our awareness of levels of engagement among our diverse employee population. PACE survey results, including the set of racial subscale questions, are only available to NWTC staff through the Data Mine. 15