NWTC Equity Guide A guide to diversity, equity and inclusion at NWTC | Page 6

EQUITY MATTERS At Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, we value the inherent worth of each student, staff member, and instructor. We acknowledge that we share many similarities with one another yet also have our own unique backgrounds, experiences, needs, skills and stories. We see our differences as something to be respected and learned from. This valuing of each person’s inherent worth means that we strive to treat all others with respect, compassion, value, and fairness. Business Case for Diversity Diversity is an intrinsic value at NWTC. The benefits are measurable in ways such as greater knowledge and awareness of cultural differences; motivation for improved personal and professional relationships; and an elevated cohesive work environment. The following goals, from the College’s 2018-2023 Strategic Directions, set the tone for the emphasis placed on cultural diversity and the vision to make sure all our students have an opportunity for success: 1. Decrease the gap between the percentage of students of color and the percentage of the College workforce of color, at all levels. 2. Maintain a PACE (Personal Assessment of College Environment) survey score greater than benchmark colleges. 3. Demonstrate multiculturalism of curriculum in 100% of programs. 4. Reduce Graduation Rate achievement gap among racial groups. 5. Increase percentage of students of color enrolled in and completing programs that have a median starting wage higher than the overall median starting wage of NWTC programs. 6. Reduce Successful Gateway Course Completion Rate achievement gap among racial groups. 7. Maintain student climate and engagement scores greater than benchmark colleges (if applicable), and/or above a 4.0 in the Five Factors of its Student Climate Survey. To accomplish the above goals, we must show authentic positive regard for everyone who touches our organization. 4