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Stockmann : interpreter for French glassblowers

Georg Franz Stockmann arrived from Lübeck in the cold of January 1853 . He was one of the continental European experts hired by the glass industrialist Törngren that the glass village needed in its new stage of development . Stockmann was responsible for the finances of the glass village and sometimes acted as an interpreter between the Finnish and French glassblowers . In the same Wood Office building in the middle of the glass village was Viktor Jansson ’ s shop , first of its kind in the rural municipality . The shop was visited by everyone in village people , including the French fine glass master Charles Bredgem , who brought the art of the filigree glass technique to Nuutajärvi . Stockmann was sent to establish a glassworks shop in Helsinki , which he bought a few years later . This is how the story of the Stockmann department store began . The shopkeeper Viktor Jansson was Tove Jansson ’ s great-grandfather .