Nuutajärven lasikylä | Nuutajärvi Glass Village English | Page 2

Here I will establish a glass factory

Navy captain Jacob Wilhelm de Pont was sure of his success . He would found a glass factory ! He had recently inherited Nuutajärvi Manor , and its lands had extensive forests . The firewood would certainly come in handy . The place , however , was hard to reach , there was no skilled labour , and his own career was a military one . But there was a demand for window glass , a dire shortage , actually . Sweden , the “ mainland ” at the time , supported founding glass factories in densely forested Finland . And when de Pont partnered with another manor-owner from Urjala , Harald Furuhjelm from Honkola Manor , nothing could stop him bringing his passion to life . February 25th , 1793 became the birthday of the Nuutajärvi Glass Village – the day the board of trade granted the permission to found the glassworks .