Nursing Review Issue 3 May-June 2022 - Page 28


Scrubbing up

Showing your personality can help ease your patients ’ minds .
By Eva Tucker

Scrubs are day-in , day-out uniforms for nurses and other healthcare providers . From the outside looking in , it may seem like the uniform is just a singular part of the job that we don ’ t think about much , but the truth is that scrubs can make a huge impact on how your patients feel during their medical treatment .

Scrubs are an important way to convey your personality , and showing off your sense of style can help make you more relatable to your patients .
BE ORIGINAL It ’ s okay to have a signature style , but don ’ t try to force it . Instead , be confident enough to pick out your look and make it your own . Make it easy for your patients to identify you and connect with you as a person while you are wearing scrubs . Pick out fabrics that are comfortable to wear while also showing off your personality .
BE CONSISTENT Don ’ t be afraid to do what you do all the time . Although it may seem like scrubs are
26 | nursingreview . com . au just a uniform , they are still important to you and your patients . Try to make sure that you mix it up so that no two days look the same . Your style will feel fresh and new if you ’ re able to add unexpected touches to your wardrobe .
BE CREATIVE WITH ACCESSORIES Think outside the box . Scrubs are a place where you can be as creative as you want to be . You can incorporate decorative elements or accessories into your scrubs that support your unique style .
Some advantages to personalising your scrubs include :
1 . Enhance patient relationships Scrubs are another way to improve your relationships with your patients . Your personality will be easier to see and connect with if you have a unique style and wear them consistently .
2 . You will be more comfortable The truth is that wearing scrubs will make you more comfortable while performing your duties . It not only means that you ’ ll be able to work more efficiently , but also that you ’ ll feel better while at work .
3 . Help patients get to know you better When patients find it easy to connect with
“ Make it easy for your patients to identify you and connect with you as a person .
you , they will feel more at ease , and they will be more likely to ask questions and engage with you . It increases the chances that they will be satisfied patients .
4 . Incorporate a personal touch more easily Scrubs are the perfect way for those who love to get creative to show their style and add a personal touch . Wearing scrubs allows you to continuously make changes without sacrificing the professional aspect of your uniform .
5 . Look more approachable When you show your personality while wearing scrubs , you can make it easier for patients to approach you . It will give the patient the confidence to feel better while dealing with their medical treatment . ■
Eva Tucker is a writer at Harmony Surgical Designs .