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4 News Nine in 10 practice nurses want standardised contracts
5 News Healthcare news roundup 6 Community news Latest in community nursing
8 Research update The role of telemedicine in termination , and ethnicity as a factor in treatment uptake
10 Cover story ‘ The brink of collapse ’: how will we cope ?
20 Editorial Don ’ t feed practices on secondary care ’ s scraps
22 Opinion GP bashing must stop and practices given credit for fast-tracking the future of healthcare
16 Substance misuse Managing addiction in primary care
24 Interpreters Lost in translation : the value of professional interpreters in practice nursing
26 Patient safety Leading by example : developing a strong patient safety culture
28 Suicide awareness Helping nurses to have compasionate conversations
30 Women ’ s health Supporting midwives to maintain high standards in challenging times
32 Mental health My patient has anxiety , what can I do ?
34 Mythbuster ‘ People with long Covid symptoms are just anxious and need to be encouraged to get moving again ’
36 Ten top tips Lower limb wounds 40 Learning module Diagnosing the menopause and HRT 42 Picture quiz Toenail presentations in primary care




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