Numero #38 Year 6 - Anniversary Issue Numero #38 Year 6- Anniversary Issue July 2023 | Page 2

Welcome to NUDE Magazine issue #38

Hello NUDE family, and welcome to our 6 year anniversary issue #38.

The team and I are beyond excited to share this celebration with you all. We have done so by bringing our community another killer collection of nude photography submitted from all around the globe the photosets to come as you move along are sure to leave an impression. 

As you flip through this issue photos may look familiar, as we have included past sets to accompany brand new ones.  We have done this to show respect to the great artists who have submitted to us over the years and have helped us get to year 6! I can’t believe that we have come along so far, it’s truly amazing what a strong community can accomplish.

Together we have created an incredible place for nude art to be appreciated and celebrated in a classy and elegant way. And we sincerely hope that you will continue to be apart of our stellar world for many years to come so that we can keep the spirit of fine nude art alive and well for the figure generations to appreciate and be inspired by. Thank you all for rockin’ with us and making it all a possibility.


The Nude Team

year 6