NU International Dec 20/Jan 21, interior part NU buyer's magazine no 01 2021 - Page 23

A new cooperation between Koustrup & Co . and Danish designer and multiartist Jim Lyngvild has formed . This has resulted in the collection Treasures which is the essence of hidden gems through history . It is produced in high quality materials and an elegant design that mixes old and new , classic and modern . - To travel through our common cultural heritage is a gift for me . Grandma ’ s china , old books with baroque carvings and vintage stores have inspired the Treasures collection and we start our journey with handpainted vintage tiles from England and Holland in different shades of blue , says Jim Lyngvild . He adds : - The most important thing with the collection is that it combines the fine with the raw and unpolished and the collection can be mixed with cheap and expensive , with heirlooms , the vintage bought and the wedding gifts . It is when the personal taste and thought comes to life we create an exciting universe of perfect imperfection .
About Koustrup & Co . BEAUTIFUL LEARNING IS THE ESSENCE With a great passion for beautiful and decorative illustrations and artwork , Koustrup & Co . continuously develops new Danish designed quality products which are not just beautiful to look at but also provide knowledge about nature , garden and history .
FORMLAND // J 0174
23 · MODEBRANCHEN . · ISSUE NO 01 · 2021