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Beauty reborn Rezas ’ vintage rugs are up to 100 years old , handpicked at local markets and lovingly brought back to life using special restoration techniques . They are stonewashed , sundried , and the top layer is removed . The rugs are then plant dyed following traditional colour recipes . The upcycling brings every Rezas vintage rug back to life and thus no two rugs are alike .
With around 100,000 rugs in stock in Odense , Rezas was ready to deliver to retailers in Denmark and abroad when consumers stuck at home increased the demand for rugs . New shop-in-shop in Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen is successful .
The furniture industry is generally doing well , and strong furniture sales also mean strong rug sales . - We have definitely benefited from having a well-stocked warehouse with around 100,000 unique rugs here in Odense . All rugs are sent for quality control in Denmark anyway , so delayed deliveries on a couple of products didn ’ t hurt us very much . Plus , it takes up to six months to hand knot a rug because each rug is entirely unique . And we continually receive new items at our warehouse as existing stock is sold , establishes Head of Sales Jesper Andersen during NU ’ s visit to the company . He adds that Rezas didn ’ t only have plenty of stock when Covid struck , but it also had logistics , IT , and an online sales platform for retailers in place .
SIMPLIFIED LOGO The company ’ s brand name used to be Rezas Oriental & Modern Rugs , but the shorter name Rezas will be used going forward . The logo has also been simplified and updated , says markting manager Camilla Rasmussen . Rezas ’ s visual identity has been refreshed which is evident in the new shop-in-shop in Illums Bolighus . Here , a new rug rack has been installed that allows customers to “ flip ” through the different models on display . The rack enables customers to see the rugs in their entirety and compare them with other rugs more easily than they if they were stacked on the floor . - We have built a good relationship with Illums Bolighus , and the Rezas shop is positioned in a very prominent spot . We put a great deal of effort into ensuring the success of the new shop , and that includes training the store staff . We teach them so they can pass our know-how on to consumers and explain why a hand-knotted rug is an investment that gives them value for money . A genuine rug lasts a lifetime - in fact , they ’ re often passed down through the generations . That ’ s also why buying a rug from Rezas instead of a cheaper throwaway one is a good option from a sustainability standpoint , says Camilla Rasmussen . Rezas believes in strong partnerships , and many of its retailers have long-standing relationships with the rug specialist built over many years .
CRITICAL ELEMENTS - We don ’ t view rugs as insignificant accessory pieces but as critical elements in the styling of a room . That ’ s why we carry different lines , each one lending its own unique look and feel to the home . We sell vintage models , modern rugs , kilim rugs , and genuine traditional oriental-style rugs . We offer everything , including different price ranges , emphasises Jesper Andersen . In the first quarter of 2021 , Rezas is planning to host physical events in Odense but is also offering the option to participate online sales meetings . In this way , the company can keep in touch with both existing and potential customers . Domotex in Hannover has been postponed to 18-20 May 2021 primarily because of current travel restrictions , since Domotex is an international trade show with many exhibitors and buyers coming from outside Germany . Rezas plans to participate at Domotex . At the time of publication , it was not yet known whether Rezas would be present at Formland in Herning .
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