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About Kodanska
Behind Kodanska is Marie Graff . Kodanska St means the road of Copenhagen in Czech , and it is the name of the street in Prague where Marie lived for a number of years with her family . This is where the company idea originated . Today Kodanska is a Danish interior design company that designs and produces timeless articles for the home with a focus on quality and aesthetics .
Responsibility means a lot to Marie Graff and her vision for the future of Kodanska . - During the last six months , we have been developing new packaging without use of plastic . It is important to me to be able to supply products in exclusively degradable materials . This is yet another way to prove responsibility to our customers and employees , to the society we are part of , and regarding the climate impact , says owner , founder and designer Marie Graff . During COVID-19 , the Danish glass designer Marie Graff has concentrated on how to lead , coordinate , develop and further intensify her focus on quality . She concludes that this can actually be done by continuing to trust each other , by focusing on communication and by giving high responsibility to the employees . - During the corona crisis , we have tested our ability to make things work successfully - together at a distance . And it has worked fine , states Marie Graff .
HIGH QUALITY AND RESPONSIBILITY Marie Graff is constantly striving for even better quality . Good quality is her mantra ; when Kodanska launched the Danish Summer collection , she personally controlled each and every product . Today , Marie Graff ' s products follow six different quality checks , and only 70 percent of the goods come through the eye of the needle . Discarded glass is recycled . After acceptance from all quality checks , Marie Graff ’ s signature and the Kodanska logo are added on the product as an engraved quality print . The glass designs are gently sent to Denmark , where a last quality check takes place , before finally sending the products to the retailers .
AT KODANSKA , QUALITY EQUALS SUCCESS - Quality lies not only in the product itself , but also in our collaborations and partnerships . We prioritize being present - even if this may not be possible physically . We place emphasis on quality all the way around the product ; in the packaging , in the delivery and in our service . We are not doing anything half-hearted ! In these difficult corona times we have proven that we can adapt quickly . It convinces me that we will also be able to solve any future challenge , Marie Graff concludes optimistically .
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