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The brand name is Galiente , and the expression is simple , yet stylish .
In March 2020 , a launch of Galiente were ready to take place , but the corona pandemic stopped the plans . However , the first Galiente items began arriving in Denmark , and the entrepreneurs Helene Springborg and Mohamed Shabib decided to start selling Galiente from their webshop . Through the word-of-mouth method , sales slowly developed . Now is the time to tell the fashion business more about the new Danish streetwear brand , since the goal is to have a carefully selected list of Danish and international fashion retailers selling Galiente products .
A DREAM For a number of years the two business partners Helene Springborg and Mohamed Shabib have collaborated on developing private labels for other players in the fashion industry , and they wanted to see what a brand of their own could lead to . Mohamed Shabib had the design ideas , and the factory in Egypt had capacity . - We started selling our T-shirts , which are made from Egyptian cotton . The quality is in top and we quickly got great feedback . However , Galiente is not exclusively basic clothing , we also produce , for example , shiny track suits and anoraks . We focus on material choices , the look itself , and the many stylish and functional details . Galiente ' s design has an edge - for example , we work with zippers , mesh and rubber effects , and new finishes . One of our materials is polyester made from recycled plastic and with stretch . All materials are high end qualities , but we sell to affordable prices . Dealers can have a mark-up of three at Galiente , which is targeted at 15-28 year old people , says a committed Mohamed Shabib , who is responsible for design , sales strategy and administration in Denmark , while Helene Springborg is in charge of production .
UNISEX DESIGN - Our target group has turned out to be broader than we thought initially . It seems that the Galiente design appeals to many men - and women - in different ages , says Helene Springborg . Part of the collection has an extra stylish look - this applies , for instance , to a button-down velour shirt with stretch to ensure comfort and mobility . Wind and water-repellent jackets and a coat with a reflective logo in silver print are other examples of Galiente ' s design for Spring 2021 . - I will characterize the Galiente design DNA as simple , stylish and flashy – the Galiente look is unique , adds Mohamed Shabib . - Please also mention our Never Out of Stock program with sweatshirts , hoodies and T-shirts in a range of basic colors , concludes Helene Springborg , who travels back to Egypt a few days after the interview with NU . Mohamed Shabib is responsible for sales in Denmark , and dialogues are on-going with sales representatives in Sweden , England and Germany . - We have ambitions and we definitely want to grow our business , but it is very important that things are not going too fast . We look forward to the reopening internationally after corona ; of course we want more retailers and consumers to get to know Galiente , concludes Mohamed Shabib and Helene Springborg .
WHY GALIENTE ? The name is inspired by the Spanish word Caliente , which means " hot " or “ tough ”. However , the C has been replaced by a G , to refer to the first letter in the Danish word “ gade ”, meaning " street " and thus referring to the streetwear look . Galiente is a fashion brand deeply rooted in street culture with a luxury aesthetic , and a focus on quality , integrity and originality .