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Noella is a Danish express brand which first opened its doors in 2016 . The commercial clothing and bag brand has quickly become a fashion darling among both consumers and retailers .
Lau Kjær Knudsen welcomes us in the kitchen at the company offices in Aalborg . To get to the kitchen , we had to pass through the warehouse where a handful of young employees were busy packing orders . Noella has quickly become a well-known and popular clothing and bag brand . So its offices are currently undergoing expansions . - Today , retailers prefer buying express rather than long-term . It ’ s a structural development accelerated by the Covid situation . At Noella , we also give our customers the option to re-order , even though we ’ re an express business . If I had to point out one thing that we are better at than many other suppliers , it would be speed . We achieve it by working with agile and flexible primarily European suppliers and establishing good relationships with them . This allows us to bring down the time from ordering to delivery in stores to two weeks . The short production time also minimizes the risk of making the wrong choices in terms of trends and colours , which is how Noella is always able to deliver clothes and accessories that precisely match what ’ s in demand right now . When we see a trend , we move on it immediately , says the 22-year-old CEO Lau Kjær Knudsen . He founded Noella with Mikael Øvad - previously Modström , Loftet , and Butler - and they still own the company . The products are made primarily within the EU and in China .
MID-PRICED EXPRESS FASHION Price-wise , Noella generally belongs to the mid-price segment , depending on the material used for the individual item . - Noella is a commercial fashion brand that appeals broadly
and which focuses on providing value for money . Mothers and daughters alike fall in love with Noella styles , says Lau Kjær Knudsen , who adds that the main audience is 16-35-year-olds . - We invite new retailers to test our items broadly , and our minimum order size is just 6 pieces , which provides peace of mind to retailers . We don ’ t see any point in forcing them to place large orders . We would much rather that our retailers have a good experience when they add Noella to their brand range . When the items sell out quickly , retailers can then place larger orders next time on that basis , says Lau Kjær Knudsen . He emphasizes that Noella is selective when adding new stores to its list of retailers . Noella is present in Denmark , Norway , Sweden , Germany , Belgium , Austria , and the Netherlands . Growth plans currently focus primarily on its existing markets , especially the export markets . Noella also has its own stores - in November , the company opened its third store in five months . The new store is located in Aarhus .
EXHIBITS AT REVOLVER For Copenhagen Fashion Week in February 2021 , Noella will exhibit at Revolver . - We were at Revolver for the first time in August 2020 , and because of Covid we saw around one fifth of the customers we normally see at trade shows . Despite that , more items were actually bought . So in other words , fewer retailers came to visit during the fashion week , but the ones that did placed significant orders . We expect something along the same lines in February , where we ’ ll once again be present in Øksnehallen , ends Lau Kjær Knudsen . At the show , Noella will exhibit new accessories and current spring styles for delivery in March 2021 as well as AW21 for delivery in August / September 2021 .
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