NTFB Documents - Page 10

Unfortunately , hunger continues to be a growing problem across the United States , and North Texas is no different . Our 10-year plan to close the 92 million meal gap in North Texas is supported by three pillars :
“ The Food Bank of the future will pioneer , innovate and continue to expand our capacity … The co-existence of affluence and poverty , of hunger and abundance , so closely in our communities is a continual reminder that our work is not finished .”
- JAN PRUITT , Former President & CEO


A real estate solution to efficiently distribute more food and increase engagement with volunteers , supporters and the community
• Northern Distribution Center , Plano
• Southern Distribution Center , Dallas
• Administrative Headquarters , Dallas Farmers Market
A network solution to get the right food to the right place at the right time
• Hub System
• Pantry Development
• Mobile Pantries
A technology solution to better understand those we serve
• Dallas Information Exchange Portal