NTFB Documents Canned Food Drive Handbook - Page 4

Who, What, When,

Where & How

Whether you have a team of people coordinating the drive, or you're taking the lead, your first step is to develop a plan of action for your food drive. Review this handbook, then determine:


- Who will be the host organization or group, if any?

- Who will be in charge of planning and coordinating? This person will be responsible for communicating with the NTFB CFD Team, if necessary.


- What are your goals?

- Do you want to base your goals on amount of pounds collected? (our preferred choice)

- Do you want to base your goals on number of items collected?

- Do you want to host a focused food drive? Focused food drives are focused on one item from our Most Needed Items List.


- When do you want your food drive to begin and end?

- Do you want the food collected to go to people on a specific holiday? If so, plan to host your food drive a few months in advance of your preferred holiday. The food you collected needs to be dropped off at least six weeks prior to the holiday. It may take a few weeks to sort, box, inventory, and distribute once we've received your generous donation.


- Where will your collection boxes and containers be located?

- Are they easily accessible or visible?


- How will you promote your food drive?

- How will you reach your goal?

- How will you get the food you collected to the food bank?