NTD 2022 ISSUE 3 DE-3 - Page 17

Warren Bennis , the leadership guru and professor emeritus at the USC Leadership program famously stated that “ organizations that are over managed and under led are more likely to fail .” Our nation ’ s current workforce problems are testimony to this quote .
Healthcare , in general , and dentistry , specifically , would seem to be poorly equipped to meet the needs of our current workforce . We cannot provide remote work opportunities , and our staff must work a traditional eight-hour day or longer .
Drs . Joel Small and Edwin ( Mac ) McDonald have a total of over 75 years of dental practice experience . Both doctors are trained and certified Executive Leadership Coaches . They have joined forces to create Line of Sight Coaching , a business dedicated to helping their fellow dentists discover a better and more enjoyable way to create and lead a highly productive clinical dental practice . Through their work , clients experience a better work / life balance , find more joy in their work , and develop a strong practice culture and brand that positively impacts their bottom line . To receive their free eBook , 7 Surprising Steps to Grow Your Practice Through Leadership , go to www . lineofsightcoaching . com .
Furthermore , we share a blind spot for the leadership and culture development that , according to David Rock and Warren Bennis , is critical for maintaining talented staff . Perhaps we should take the advice of many who believe that the best thing to do is work with those things we can control . Obviously , we are limited in our ability to provide remote work or ever flexible work hours to some extent . What we can control is our leadership development and the culture we create within our organizations .
Rock believes that developing what he calls a regenerative culture is an organizational imperative in today ’ s business world , and the best way to combat the great resignation .
A regenerative culture is not one that simply maintains a sustainable status quo , but rather one that embraces a growth mindset and synergy in that each employee is better off , year after year , for being part of the organization .
Leaders that have adopted coaching as a leadership style have proven to be the most effective in developing regenerative cultures . By developing coaching skills , leaders develop their human capital and optimal cultures at a much faster pace . Staff satisfaction is greatly increased , and those practices with coach-like leaders attract and retain the very best talent .
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