NT Government Department of Education Annual Report 2017-18 Department of Education Annual Report 2017-18 - Page 28

RETAINING, SUPPORTING AND VALUING OUR PEOPLE Ensuring our employees’ wellbeing is essential in providing high-quality teaching and learning for Northern Territory students. We implemented a range of initiatives to retain our quality people and ensure they are recognised, valued and supported in a fair, safe, rewarding and inclusive work environment. Our commitment to valuing our employees and creating inclusive, safe and positive work environments is affirmed by our overall employee retention rate of 84 per cent, including a school-based employee retention rate of 85 per cent. SUPPORTING A DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT We value the diversity of our workforce and are committed to the principle of equal opportunity and creating an inclusive work environment where people are valued for their diverse cultures, experiences, skills, knowledge and capabilities. STRENGTHENING FAIR AND FLEXIBLE WORK PRACTICES AND WELLBEING We supported employees to balance the demands of work with the needs of family, community commitments and general health and wellbeing. Finding the right balance The Principal Wellbeing Framework was launched in the first semester of 2018. Principal of Braitling Primary School, Belinda Pearson, explains how she benefitted from the Program. Page 28 Northern Territory Department of Education