NT Government Department of Education Annual Report 2017-18 Department of Education Annual Report 2017-18 - Page 23

We established and strengthened international education partnerships and provided students with the opportunity to learn in a global context. FOSTERING STRONG PARTNERSHIPS TEGIC P CONNECTING STUDENTS AT THE GLOBAL LEVEL We continued to work closely with the non-government education sector to provide education choices for Northern Territory families. We invested $506 million in 2018 to meet the costs of operating Northern Territory government schools, and we are improving the way we resource schools to make funding more transparent. SUPPORTING NON-GOVERNMENT EDUCATION Y A O C TI To see all the key achievements of Schooling plus more information, click here to download the full version of the 2017-18 Annual Report. TEGIC P INVESTING IN GOVERNMENT SCHOOL EDUCATION  Y A O C TI We continued to work collaboratively with communities, educational institutions, industry and government agencies, to improve access to education, services and outcomes for Northern Territory children. Annual Report 2017-18 / Chapter 3 Page 23