NT Government Department of Education Annual Report 2017-18 Department of Education Annual Report 2017-18 - Page 21

To see all the key achievements of Schooling plus more information, click here to download the full version of the 2017-18 Annual Report. TEGIC P  Y A O C TI IMPROVING LEARNING OUTCOMES BY FOCUSSING ON STUDENT PROGRESS Set highest proportion of government school students at or above NMS in numeracy for Year 5 non-Aboriginal students and Year 9 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students We implemented a range of robust assessment programs to monitor student learning progress and give teachers accurate information about what their students know and are ready to learn next so they can tailor teaching to meet their students’ needs. We also continued to implement our data reform agenda to improve data availability for schools, regions and corporate areas to enable better-informed decisions for continuous improvement. Expanded our early intervention services and programs for children with additional needs, including the establishment of the Mimik–GA Centre Photo: Children engaging in cooking activities at the Mimik-Ga Centre Annual Report 2017-18 / Chapter 3 Page 21