NT Government Department of Education Annual Report 2017-18 Department of Education Annual Report 2017-18 - Page 14

Page 14 Northern Territory Department of Education TEGIC P ENGAGING FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES IN THEIR CHILD’S LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT The Department of Education takes a lead role for the strategies related to education services. We worked with families, communities, the Commonwealth and Northern Territory governments, other government agencies and non-government organisations to improve child wellbeing and prepare children for school. We placed special emphasis on supporting children from disadvantaged communities and Aboriginal children living in remote and very remote areas. We worked closely with other Northern Territory Government agencies on the development of the ‘Starting Early for a Better Future – Early Childhood Development Plan 2018–2028’. It was launched in April 2018. Y A O C TI The 2016 Australian Census reported that there were 19 356 children from birth to four years of age living in the Northern Territory’s diverse communities. Of these, around 37 per cent (7229) were Aboriginal. We are committed to engaging children in early childhood education, helping them learn in a nurturing and stimulating environment, and supporting their successful transition to school. TEGIC P INTRODUCTION ENSURING ACCESSIBLE, QUALITY EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION SERVICES Y A O C TI Families and communities play a critical role in children’s learning and development. The FaFT program engages parents and carers in their children’s education to enhance their children’s motivation and confidence as learners and nurture a positive attitude towards education.