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G R O W E H T G T U O D #PreventionPower Challenge To spark interest in NPW 2017, SAMHSA launched the #PreventionPower social media challenge as a way for individuals, organizations, and communities to start discussing prevention and highlight how they get involved in prevention activities. Participants in the challenge could then motivate others to take part in the #PreventionPower challenge as well. N I T ET The efforts paid off: • Four monthly challenges, with nearly 300 participants total, resulted in more than 6.4 million potential impressions across social media. Social Media INFORMATION AT THEIR FINGERTIPS In 2017, the social media efforts for NPW commanded the attention of communities across the nation, resulting in more than 43.6 million potential social media impressions. More than 37 million of those potential impressions were for #NPW2017 on Twitter during the week itself (May 14–20). SAMHSA’s NPW website is a critical hub that provides valuable resources and timely news for organizations looking for ideas and inspiration for their own NPW activities. For NPW 2017: • More than 200 content updates were made to the NPW website to bring relevant and engaging information to 2017 NPW participants. • The number of visitors to the site increased by 140 percent between April and May, as promotion for NPW 2017 ramped up. • Spanish-language content saw an increase of 108 percent in the number of visitors, demonstrating the importance and reach of SAMHSA’s multicultural content. 8 2017 OUTCOMES REPORT TWEET • During NPW 2017, #PreventionPower challenge participants were asked to go LIVE on social media—and our audiences, partners, and influencers responded! During this week alone, the #Prevention Power challenge had 5 million potential social media impressions. • Influencers that participated during the week included Howie Mandel, NBC4’s Angie Goff, and The Trevor Project. • To share our audience’s participation in this challenge, we created a #PreventionPower “story” on SAMHSA’s Storify account and curated the best, most engaging content, which we can update on a regular basis. We’ll keep the #PreventionPower social media challenges going through the fall so we can continue to promote NPW 2017 activities and successes. THIS #NPW2017 TWITTER METRICS 37 MILLION IMPRESSIONS 7,216 MENTIONS 1,432 ENGAGEMENTS MAY 14–20 2017 OUTCOMES REPORT 9