NPW 2017 Outcomes Report NPW2017_OutcomesReport - Page 20

G Y N I T I N C E A H P T A G C N N E O R I ST ENT V E PR STATES REPRESENTED BY WEBINAR PARTICIPATION WEBINAR PARTICIPATION NPW 2017 Webinar Series State, local, and community organizations are on the front lines of substance use prevention efforts. However, there isn’t always a platform for these separate entities to come together, learn about current substance use prevention trends, or ask subject matter experts their questions. To address this gap, SAMHSA developed an NPW webinar series to provide an opportunity for substance use prevention professionals to not only learn from subject matter experts but also share their thoughts and receive suggestions on best practices in prevention. Each webinar coincided with an NPW 2017 theme: • How to Get Involved with National Prevention Week 2017 • Suicide and Substance Use in Young People • Emerging Issues in Tobacco Misuse • Opioid Addiction and Prevention 20 2017 OUTCOMES REPORT 2017 OUTCOMES REPORT 21