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# PreventionPower Challenge
To spark interest in NPW 2017 , SAMHSA launched the # PreventionPower social media challenge as a way for individuals , organizations , and communities to start discussing prevention and highlight how they get involved in prevention activities . Participants in the challenge could then motivate others to take part in the # PreventionPower challenge as well .
The efforts paid off :
• Four monthly challenges , with nearly 300 participants total , resulted in more than 6.4 million potential impressions across social media .
Social Media
In 2017 , the social media efforts for NPW commanded the attention of communities across the nation , resulting in more than 43.6 million potential social media impressions . More than 37 million of those potential impressions were for # NPW2017 on Twitter during the week itself ( May 14 – 20 ).


• During NPW 2017 , # PreventionPower challenge participants were asked to go LIVE on social media — and our audiences , partners , and influencers responded ! During this week alone , the # Prevention Power challenge had 5 million potential social media impressions .
• Influencers that participated during the week included Howie Mandel , NBC4 ’ s Angie Goff , and The Trevor Project .
• To share our audience ’ s participation in this challenge , we created a # PreventionPower “ story ” on SAMHSA ’ s Storify account and curated the best , most engaging content , which we can update on a regular basis .
We ’ ll keep the # PreventionPower social media challenges going through the fall so we can continue to promote NPW 2017 activities and successes .
MAY 14 – 20 2017 OUTCOMES REPORT 9
The Hawaii Partnership to Prevent Underage Drinking Coalition in Oahu, HI, organized an island-wide sign-waving flash mob to bolster interest around NPW. At Lawrence School in Falmouth, MA, more than 500 middle schoolers painted a mural representing prevention. During NPW in the years to come, students will add to the artwork and feature messages of positive problem-solving and ways to stay healthy and safe. In Oconomowoc, WI, residents jumped into their local (cold!) lake for the third annual “Jump for Archie” event, which honors a commun ]HY[X\\YH[[Yݙ\H[Z\\]\[\X]B[Y\Y[ZX˂H[][ۋ[ˈو[[[H[K ]H[[[H[BYYH[ T\\Y M][H8'x&[H\Yق[\YH[['H[\ZYۋXXYZHY\[[\[\[\^HH8'x&[H\Yو[\YH[['HYۈ[Z\ܙY۝œ[H][[ۋ[ܙY[]ۋKHX\ ۸&]\YHXX[۝\][ۂ܈\[[Z\ZYH[YYX]H[\قY[[\H[H[\X][X]X[\]HۈB[[\۸&\][Y[ 0[[YHو\[[Z\ݚ[KKXYH[YYۜX[YYXHZ\H]\[\X]HYY܈][[ۋ^H[[Y]Y\Xܛ[\\\۝\][ۜX]]][[ۂYX[HH\[\X]K[YܛXH]H[]\]H[[X\KYH8'X^H\Y[[X[[۝8'HZ\[HY[[X[[[\\^H][[ۋX\B[\[[ۋX]Y[ [Xݙ\KH][[ۈ]\[ۈو[]X[K[ˋ[[\ [Z\ۈ[YY][\[XXY[[YX]ۙ[œ][[ۈYܝ[Z\[][]H[H[\وX[H\K]\YH[HZ][ܘ[X[[Z\[ۈ[[][[]\YH[\\K[XX\H K [H\X\]Y[X\YX]H[\ܝ[Hو][[ۋ[][ۈ[[H]]YHۙ\[K\HHݙ\܈[Z[YB[X][ۈ[[HX^H M8$̌\][[ۈYZ[H]K[^\[\ۈ[H[][]H[][ۈ[Z[YHY][[\]YYHYY܈[Yݙ\H][[ۋX[HY[H[ܙH[ ̋ [HXXYZ\^H]HH[\ۂ\ۋH[][ۈ[[Hܚ]X[Z[[܈Z\ LX[BY[ۈX][Y\H[Z\\H][[ۋPZ\\H[Y\ۈ]KS\Y[XXH\\\XH[XZ[]Z\ L][[ۈ\\H[\[ MLX[H\H][[ۂ[][ۜ\]Z\][[ۈXX[\[H]H]H[ܛX][ۂ^HYYZ\H]\[\X][[][X[H\KX\Y\\YX\Hܛ\[ZYHYK\\X[\\Y\ۂH]YX][[ۈ[Y]ܚ]H]\[\܈B\X][ۈو][[ۈXY\˂[[\XH\[[Y[[]Y TJH[[[K[]\[][[ۈ][\[[[[\[X[[ܛX][ۂ\XHH[][]K[ۛXX] ZY QZ\Y[X[HX\H[][ۈۙXY]BY[ۘ[ܝ[\XY[\]X]\Y][[ۈ^\ˈB\[[\[\Xوܛ[ YH][[ۈۙ\[B\YۈY[[X[]\[\Y[[Z\\B][[ێ[[Z[K [[][]H[Y[Y[ [Z[H\X\و]X\^\[H\[H܈H[[[Y[\H[\\Y]Z\[[][ۈY[X\›XZHH][HX\˂[[YHو\[[ ]\؝\ [[][ۂZ\[\\[H[H\[H[\ܝ[Hو][[ۋM MUQTTԕ MUQTTԕM