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Pella of

Preserving the Pella Community Center for future generations


Our heart rests between our lungs in the middle of our chest , a muscle at the center of our circulation system . As it beats , it pumps thousands of gallons of blood each day through networks of arteries to our body ’ s organs , tissues and cells . Our heart nourishes us . It keeps us alive — so long as we take care of it .

In the heart of town , the Pella Community Center sits atop a slight incline . Visitors ebb and flow through its wooden doors daily for a plethora of essential community services , like mental health counseling , new drivers ’ licenses , employment help and alcoholics anonymous meetings .
Children use their hands and their imagination to make art out of clay after a long day at school . Actors rehearse their lines , and technicians make sure the lighting is just right before Joan Kuyper Farver Auditorium floods with spectators for community theater performances .
Members of the community are on a mission to ensure the heart of Pella continues to beat life into the community for generations to come .
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